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Badwolf And Buckley Design Studio, by Donne Spring

badwolf&buckley design studio

badwolf&buckley is a design studio focussed on producing character furniture and lifestyle pieces within simple spaces allowing a unique narrative for individual stories to develop.

stories provide a good first assessment of what is important; from the point of view of the users, they provide a starting point for further exploration and they provide a glimpse of what the users terrrain feels like. Stories have been with us since the dawn of communication stemming from tall tales around the camp fire, entertainment, sharing experiences, passing on traditions. The pieces one chooses to surround ones self with should evoke a narrative within the space.

The objects take on the spirit of the maker; everyone is different and has its own soul,  a character piece of timber funiture selected for a space should bring its energy, the makers energy and then take on the energy of the owner, within a simple space a character piece will have a stage to showcase itself and evoke conversation.

Unique timber, recovered from the orphaned wood piles allow for each piece to bring its individual soul and story into a space, the timber may shift and groan whilst it makes itself comfortable in its surroundings.

badwolf&buckley designs

Creating pieces that allow a narrative to unfold, evoking an internal and external connection; creating a story which connects a persons energy and psychological make up with the "soul"of an object in a space.

Nostalgia provides a link between ones past and present selves, Storytelling offers a way to really understand the past and to carry values into the future; complex ideas can be effectively conveyed to a variety of people allowing a deeper understanding of an individual. Thus the designed product or spatial experience can offer meaning and emotional insight to its users and visitors.

One must embrace pieces with beautiful imperfections to be able to identify the accidental juxtapositions that make a piece unique. The story brought from the source of the timber into handmade souls......